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Acid dyes for polyamide The Meganyl A dycs are half-milling acid dyes with monosulphonated & disulphonated groups, they are mainly used for pale to me dium shades.● PropertiesGood combinability, wide range of shadesGood covering with suitable levelling agentAs straight brilliant shadeGood build up in deep shadesMedium to high migration properiesGood wet fastness in medium shades, aftertreatment needed for dark shadesNo blocking effect● Acid dyes dyeing process

A: 0.5-1% Levelling agent(suitable)
0.5-2g/L Sodium acetate
PH:5-6 (Adjust PH with acetic acid)
B:X% dyes
If necessary: lg/L Anti-creasing agent (suitable)
0.5-lg/L Anti-foaming agent(suitable)

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vn88 vn88linkvn88Liên kết đăng nhập
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