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Acid Yellow FY

Acid Yellow FY;Type: Acid Dyes, Yellow FY;CAS NO: 1934-21-0;Molecular Formula: C16H9N4Na3O9S2;Molecular weight: 534.36
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Product Introduction

Acid Yellow FY

Type: Acid Dyes, Yellow FY 100%

CAS NO: 1934-21-0

Molecular Formula: C16H9N4Na3O9S2

Molecular weight: 534.36

Chemical Structure:
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Chemical properities:

Yellow fine powder, odorless. Soluble in water, glycerin and propylene glycol, slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in oil. At 21℃, the solubility is 11.8%(water) and 3.0%(50% ethanol). Good heat resistance, acid resistance, light resistance and salt resistance, stable to citric acid and tartaric acid, but poor oxidation resistance. It turns red in alkali and fades during reduction. Maximum absorption wavelength is 428nm±2nm. The oral LD50 of rats was more than 2000mg/kg, and the ADI0-7.5mg /kg(FAO/WHO, 1994).


1、As a food coloring agent, China's regulations can be used in fruit juice drinks, carbonated drinks, prepared wine, green plum, shrimp slices, impregnated side vegetables, red and green silk candy, cakes and canned watermelon sauce, the maximum use is 0.1g/kg; In vegetable protein drinks, lactic acid bacteria drinks, the maximum use of 0.05g/kg; The maximum amount used in ice cream is 0.02g/kg.2、Can also be used for coating, ink, plastic and other industries and cultural and educational products coloring.3、Acid FY can also be used to make toilet fluid, hand sanitizer and other cleaning products.

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