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Direct Dye is the kind of water soluble dye which possesses many kinds,overall chromato graphic,many quantities and extensive use.On account of their simplicity in application in color gamut being comparatively low in price,goodness in levelling and medium in fastness properties.They are extensively used for cotton,linen,viscose rayon,silk,wool,polyamide fibers and the cellulosic component in blends with satisfactory shades,more over they are applicable for the dyeing of paper as well leather and printing on silk fibers.



"D" type direct dye for blends is one of the brand-new products exploited by us.On the polyester/viscose or polyester/cotton blends dyeing in one bath one stage,it is applicable for the cotton and the viscose fiber.It can be used with disperse dye in one bath or as the direct dye in the norman dyeing.



1. Recipe:

Type of Dyeing bath

Weak alkali


Dyeing %(o.w.f.)










Liquor ratio:1:10-30

2.Dyeing Procedure

2.1 Common dyeing

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2.2 Special dyeing-Direct Blend dyes

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Dyeing→Rinsing with cold water→Fixation→Rinsing with cold water→Hydroextracting→Drying

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