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Disperse Black I Dry Powder For Heat Transfer Printing

Disperse black I Dry Powder For Heat Transfer Printing
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Product Introduction
Products Description
1.What is used for Disperse Crude Powder ?

1.It is suit for high temperature and high pressure dyeing, normal temperature dyeing and normal temperature carrier dyeing or printing.

2.Good level dyeing performance, 

3.High light fastness,

  • 1.Are you a manufacture or Trade company ?

  • -We are manufacture established in 2008,we are mainly specialized in manufacturing Disperse Dyes(especially low quinoline content Disperse Dyes)

  • 2.What term of payment you use ?

  • -We can accept T/T payment, LC , DP, Paypal etc.

  • 3.What package do you have ?

  • -Regular our package is 25KG NEW CARTON BOX WITH PALLET, we also have 25KG CARDBOARD DRUM package . It will take extra fee




Printing and dyeing  knowledge
In terms of the mechanism of dye dyeing fiber, printing and dyeing are the same, but the dyes of a color in the print are applied to the part of the textile according to the pattern pattern. The textiles have printed products with one or more colors. Therefore, printing can also be said to be "local dyeing."

When textile dyeing and printing use the same type of dye, the chemical auxiliary and their physical and academic attributes used are similar, so their coloring and solid color principles are similar or the same; for the same variety of fibrous products, if used, if used, if you use the same variety The same dye dyeing and printing can have the same dyeing fastness. For example, when the dye dye dyeing is good, it is good, and its fastness is good on the printing products.

In printing and dyeing, dye aquatic solutions are used for dyeing, and printing is processed by color slurry. The color paste is a slurry that is tuned to a certain viscosity in the dye solution or decentralized solution.

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