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Disperse Brown 27 Dry Powder For Heat Transfer Printing

Disperse Brown 27 Dry Powder For Heat Transfer Printing
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Product Introduction
Products Description
Appearance Brown Powder
Strength 400
Shade Similar to STD
Purity 94
Moisture ≤0.5
Conductivity(μs/cm) ≤500
pH 5-7
Ash ≤0.5%
1.What is used for Disperse Crude Powder ?
-For your reference , The CDP is mainly used for heat transfer, ink, etc.
2.Do you have standard Product ?
  • 1.Are you a manufacture or Trade company ?

  • -We are manufacture established in 2008,we are mainly specialized in manufacturing Disperse Dyes(especially low quinoline content Disperse Dyes)

  • 2.What term of payment you use ?

  • -We can accept T/T payment, LC , DP, Paypal etc.

  • 3.What package do you have ?

  • -Regular our package is 25KG NEW CARTON BOX WITH PALLET, we also have 25KG CARDBOARD DRUM package . It will take extra fee




Printing and dyeing  knowledge
  The relief pattern processing methods on textiles generally include weaving, clustering, and flushing methods. There are roughly four methods to make the embossed pattern with printing method.   Electrostatic velvet printing First print various patterns on the fabric with adhesive, and then motion the color velvet vertical velvet of nylon or polyester filaments on the pole plate of the two high -voltage electrical fields, so that the fluff density is implanted on the fabric pattern printed with adhesives The three -dimensional relief pattern constitutes a three -dimensional embossed pattern.   Wrinkle printing Print the pattern on the cotton in advance with thick alkali. After drying and washing, the three -dimensional pattern of bubble -shaped shape is produced. You can also use the anti -dye printing method. First print the pattern of anti -alkali -proof on the cotton cloth. After drying the alkali slurry, then soak the cotton cloth with thick alkali, and then use water and drying. Essence   Printed Two types of fibers of polyester cotton are spun into polyester cotton -polyester cotton -padded gauze. After weaving, the two fiber's acid resistance and alkali capacity are used with different alkali and acidic pulps. The patterns are printed on the fabric. After high -temperature roasting, the fiber of the pattern part of the pattern seated off, making the surface of the fabric present a pattern with a strong contrast.   Anti -scaling printing The anti -contraction solvent was printed on the surface of the fabric, and then the velvet was reduced to make the felt part of the woolen fiber different from the unconscious part. This method is only suitable for use on wool products, because wool products are generally shrinking. For example, the relief processing of wool knots is made of anti -contraction principle to printed the spinning agent plus the printed paste and printed on the fabric. Wool sweater relief printing process is: front treatment+print+pre -baking+baking+fluff+dehydration+drying. Hot Tags: disperse brown 27 dry powder for heat transfer printing, suppliers, manufacturers, factory, low price
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vn88 vn88linkvn88Liên kết đăng nhập
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