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Vat Indigo Blue Grains

Indigo blue dyes is one purplish blue color,the molecular formula is C16H10N2O2, which is a water-soluble non-azo dyestuff.Indigo blue is one of the oldest colorantes,it is known to mankind and is widely used in food, medicine and printing and dyeing industries.
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Product Introduction

Vat Indigo Blue Grains

Product Name:

Vat Indigo Blue Grains


Navy Blue powder or grains

CAS No.:




Formula :


Molecular Weight:





≤ 1.0%

pH Value:



≥ 93.0%、94.0%

Iron Ion:

≤ 300PPM

Flash Point:

158.2 ℃

Boiling Point:

400.4 ℃


1.01 g/cm³

Chemical Structure:

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1, No dust or low dust flying, particles have a certain mechanical strength, use is not easy to dust, improve the working environment and health conditions;

2, With excellent liquidity, is beneficial to automatic measurement and automatic operation;

3.It has good wettability and dispersibility, and is not easy to carry forward and focus in use. It is convenient to prepare dye;

4, Good storage stability, not easy to absorb moisture, no electrostatic adsorption phenomenon;

5, At the same time it in the printing and dyeing industry to ensure that the cloth grain color uniform, color light is more bright.

Main Application:

It is mainly used for jeans dyeing. It has excellent light fastness, weather fastness and heat stability. It gives blue tone and can prepare liquid dispersible dosage form.



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