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Mechanism And Application Of Leveling Agents

Mar 25, 2024

The leveling agent should have the following features:   -Enable the dye to be slowly absorbed by the fiber (has a retarding effect); -Enable the dye to move from the darker part to the lighter part if the dyeing is not uniform (has a dye transfer effect); -Not reduce the dyeing firmness.   Leveling Agent for dyeing Polyester:

Polyester is a relatively difficult fiber to dye due to its tight molecular orientation arrangement. At present, the dyeing of polyester mainly uses disperse dyes.

  Characteristics of disperse dyestuffs: The common characteristic of most disperse dyestuffs is that they do not carry water-soluble groups, so the solubility of disperse dyestuffs in water is all very low, and the solubility increases with temperature, and in many cases with the addition of auxiliaries. Nevertheless, the vast majority of disperse dyes in high temperature dyeing baths are still in an insoluble state.   Dyeing mechanism of Polyester: It can be summarized in the following steps: dispersion of the dye particles of the disperse dyestuff in the dye bath - monomolecular dissolution of the disperse dyestuff in water - diffusion of the dyestuff from the dye bath to the surface of polyester fibers - Adsorption of the dye on the surface of polyester fibers - Diffusion of the dye from the surface of the fibers to the interior of the fibers.
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