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Reactive Black LED

CAS:17095-24-8;Molecular weight:991.82;EC:241-164-5;MDL:MFCD00013464;PubChem:24858338;NACRES:NA.47;
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Product Introduction
CAS:17095-24-8Molecular weight:991.82EC:241-164-5MDL:MFCD00013464PubChem:24858338



Form: powderQuality Level: 100Composition: Dye content, ≥50%MP>300 °C (lit.)Density: 1.21 g/cm3 at 20 °Cλmax: 597nmApplication(s): diagnostic assay manufacturing;hematology;histologyStorage temperature: room temp

SMILES string

[Na+].[Na+].[Na+].[Na+].Nc1c(N=Nc2ccc(cc2)S(=O)(=O)CCOS([O-])(=O)=O)c(cc3cc (c(N=Nc4ccc(cc4)S(=O)(=O)CCOS([O-])(=O)=O)c(O)c13)S([O-])(=O)= O)S([O-])(=O)=OInChI1S/C26H25N5O19S6.4Na/c27-23-22-15(13-20(53(37,38)39)24(23)30-28-16-1-5-18(6-2-16)51( 33,34)11-9-49-55(43,44)45)14-21(54(40,41)42)25(26(22)32)31-29-17-3-7-19( 8-4-17)52(35,36)12-10-50-56(46,47)48;;;;/h1-8,13-14,32H,9-12,27H2,(H,37 ,38,39)(H,40,41,42)(H,43,44,45)(H,46,47,48);;;;/q;4*+1/p-4InChI keyHFIYIRIMGZMCPC-UHFFFAOYSA-J


General descriptionReactive Black 5 is a reactive dye belonging to the vinyl sulfone type. This reactive dye is used as a colorant in many industries, including paper. The functional groups of the dyes form covalent linkages with the functional groups of the substrate.Reactive Black 5 belongs to the category of textile azo dyes. It can be biodegraded by laccase in Ganoderma lucidum.applicationActive Black 5 (RB5) has been:Optimization study for photocatalytic degradation of RB5 dyes in synthetic grey water effluent (i.e., aqueous RB5 in distilled water) to understand the effect of different photoreaction parameters on the degradation kinetics.As a textile dye, a bio-activated carbon system used to study the evaluation of the dye removal performance of macromolecular substancesAnaerobic Reduction in Upflow Stirred Packed Bed Reactors (USPBRs)


1.Are you a trade company or a manufacturer?

We are a munufacturer with more than 15 years’ experience.

2.Can you provide free samples for test?

Yes, of course.We can provide 20g free samples for each item

3.What is your payment term?

Generally for the first cooperation our payment term is 30%T/T IN ADVANCE+70%T/T AFTER B/L COPY

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