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Solvent Violet Dyes

Product info Type: Solvent Dyes, Solvent Violet Dyes Product Name: Solvent Violet 36 Color Index: 36 CAS No.: 81-48-1 EINECS: 61951-89-1 Molecular Formula: C21H15NO3 Product Descript ion
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Product Introduction

Product info

Type: Solvent Dyes, Solvent Violet DyesProduct Name: Solvent Violet 36Color Index: 36CAS No.: 81-48-1EINECS: 61951-89-1Molecular Formula:C21H15NO3

Product Description

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A dye that is insoluble in water but soluble in grease or organic solvents. Solvent dyes can be divided into oil soluble and alcohol soluble two categories. The former is mainly used for oil products and oil coloring. The latter is mostly used for ink, plastic products coloring.


    1. During the application of solvent dyes, it is necessary to maintain a clean and hygienic environment to prevent impurities from affecting the use of solvent dyes and induce the color point dispersion problem of silica gel products.

    2. The solvent dye and the mixed compound should be sealed and kept hygienic to avoid static electricity and excessive contact with the air and solidification of the solvent dye to form a hard compound, which increases the difficulty of the process.

    3. The temperature resistance of solvent dyes should be known when using, to avoid problems such as discoloration and color loss caused by temperature during actual use.

    4. The opened solvent dye should be used up within the corresponding time as much as possible to avoid the denaturation of the solvent dye caused by long-term storage.




1.What is the MOQ for your products?

 The MOQ for our products is 25kg.

2.What packaging methods are available for the product?

Our packaging methods include 25kg iron drum, 25kg woven bag, 25kg carton.

3.What payment options are available?

 We have payment methods of L/C, Western Union, D/P, D/A, T/T, MoneyGram, you

can choose any.


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