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Solvent Yellow 33 Dyes

Product info Type:Solvent Yellow Dyes Product Name:Solvent Yellow 33 Color Index:33 CAS No.: 8003-22-3 EINECS: 232-318-2 Molecular Formula: C18H11NO2 Molecular Weight:273.2854
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Product Introduction

Product Solvent Yellow 33 Dyes info as below :

Type: Solvent Dyes
Product Name:Solvent Yellow 33
Color Index: 33
CAS No.: 8003-22-3 
EINECS: 232-318-2

Molecular Formula: C18H11NO2Molecular Weight:273.2854

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2.Product Description

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3.Product Quality Index:Solvent yellow 33 with green shade yellow oil soluble dye, it has excellent heat resistance and light resistance, high tinting power, strong fluorescence.

4.Main Application:It mainly used for coloring all kinds of plastics and various resins and fibers, with excellent sun-resistant and heat-resistant properties.

5.Security termIn case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.Wear suitable protective clothing. 

6.UsefulSolvent Yellow 33 is used as a cosmetic ingredient to be applied to the skin, lips and/or body surface. Used for dyes and metabolites, environmental testing.






1.How about the term of payment?

T/T, L/C, Paypal and WestUnion etc.

2.What is the annual output of your factory?

Generally, our annual production can reach 35,000 tons a year just by disperse dyes.

3.What certificates do you have?



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