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Sulphur Black 1 Dyes

Sulfur black dye is a polymer compound with more sulfur, its structure contains disulfide bonds and polysulfide bonds, and it is very unstable. In particular, polysulfide bonds can be oxidized to sulfur oxides by oxygen in the air under certain temperature and humidity conditions, and further react with water molecules in the air to generate sulfuric acid, thus reducing the strength of the yarn, brittle fibers, and serious damage. When the fibers are all brittle into powder. For this reason, in order to reduce or prevent fiber brittleness, the yarn dyed with sulfur black dye must pay attention to the following points: ① The amount of sulfur black dye should be limited, and the amount of mercerized special color dye should not exceed 700g/bag. Because the amount of dye is high, the chance of brittleness is large, and the dyeing fastness is reduced, and it is difficult to wash with water. ②After dyeing, it should be fully washed to prevent the water from being washed cleanly. The floating color on the yarn is easily decomposed into sulfuric acid during storage and the fiber is brittle. ③After dyeing, urea, soda ash, sodium acetate, etc. must be used for anti-brittle treatment. ④The yarn is scouring with water before dyeing. The degree of embrittlement of the yarn scouring with water after dyeing is better than that after scouring with lye. ⑤After dyeing, the yarn should be dried in time. Because the wet yarn is easy to heat up during the stacking process, the content of the anti-brittle agent in the yarn will decrease, and the pH value will decrease, which is not good for anti-brittleness. After the yarn is dried, it should be cooled naturally so that the temperature of the yarn can be reduced to room temperature before packaging. Because it is packaged immediately without cooling after drying, the heat is not easy to dissipate, which increases the energy for the decomposition of dyes to generate acid, and causes the possibility of brittle fibers. ⑥Select anti-brittle sulfur black dyes, such dyes have been added with formaldehyde and chloroacetic acid during manufacture, and the forma-chlorine type sulfur anti-brittle black made from these dyes makes the easily oxidized sulfur atoms into a stable structural state, thereby preventing Sulfur atoms are oxidized to form acids and the fibers are brittle. Henan Luoyan Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of sulfide black. The absorption rate of liquid sulfide black is higher than that of powder, and the sewage has no precipitated impurities, which greatly reduces the cost of sewage treatment and is relatively more environmentally friendly. A large number of data show that liquid sulfide The dry and wet rubbing fastness of black is 0.5 level higher than that of powder. Liquid sulphur black is fully oxidized during the manufacturing process and will not oxidize during transportation/storage. Ordinary sulfide black should be chemically treated with alkali sulfide, which is a metabolite of Glauber's salt, and the quality residuals are not uniform, introducing a large amount of impurities, while the impurities of liquid sulfide black are almost 0, and its stability is stronger than that of powder sulfide black. There is a low chance of errors in dyeing. Environmentally friendly liquid sulfur black is mainly used in denim dyed yarn dyeing, green fabric dyeing, knitting dyeing, cheese dyeing, etc. Compared with other cotton dyes such as reactive and Shilin, it has the characteristics of low cost and short process flow, and has been increasingly used. Accepted by domestic and foreign printing and dyeing manufacturers, in the dye market of western industrialized countries, it basically exists as environmentally friendly liquid sulfur dyes. 1. It is easy to use (according to the operation process of direct dyes), mainly after washing and fully developing the color; 2. It is easy to adjust the shade and can be adjusted by liquid vulcanization or direct dyes; Small waste water; 5. Direct pad dyeing, dip dyeing, and jigging; 6. How much is used according to the actual amount, the remaining material can be sealed and put for a period of time before use. It avoids the waste of powdery sulfur dyes due to over-opening of materials; 7. The powdery sulfur dyes are quite stable in shade and light, and the cylinder difference is serious, while liquid sulfur dyes do not have this phenomenon. [1]
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Type: Sulphue Dyes, Sulphur Black DyesProduct Name: Sulphur Black 1Color Index: 1CAS No.: 1326-82-5EINECS: 215-444-2Molecular Formula: C6H4N2O5

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1.Could you indicate please approximatively your yearly capacity in terms of volume of production ?

We have two big factories in China,so you won't worry about our capacity.For only Disperse Dyes,our yearly capacity can reach 35000 tons.

2.How about your delivery time?

Generally speaking,after receiving the payment,we can prepared those cargoes within 3 days and then we can ship out these cargoes within 10 days.

It will base on the shipping company.And it will takes one month for sea transport to destination port.Different countries have different shipping time, which is determined by the shipping company.

3.Are you a trade company or a manufacturer?

We are a munufacturer with more than 15 years’ experience.






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