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Vat Black 29 Dyes

English name:Vat Black 29 CAS NO:6049-19-0 Molecular weight:986.98 EC NO:227-949-5 Molecular formula:C64H34N4O8
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Product Introduction

Vat Black 29 Dyes information as below:

English name:Vat Black 29  CAS NO:6049-19-0 Molecular weight:986.98 EC NO:227-949-5 Molecular formula:C64H34N4O8Structural formula:

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Vat dyes are a class of dyes that can be dyed after reduction. They are insoluble in water. The molecule contains more than two carbonyl groups. Under the action of the alkali solution of the hydrosulfite, the carbonyl groups are reduced to hydroxyl groups to dissolve the dye in the alkali solution, so that the dye has an affinity for cellulose and dyes the fiber. Oxidized, and restored to the original insoluble dye fixed on the fiber.


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We are factory.

2.Do you provide samples for free?

Yes, samples are free.And we are providing 20 grams of each sample.

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