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Vat Red 10

Product Name:Vat Red 10;CAS:2379-79-5;MF:C29H14N2O5;MW:470.43;EINECS:219-168-3;Mol File:2379-79-5.mol
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Product Introduction
Product Name:Vat Red 10CAS:2379-79-5MF:C29H14N2O5MW:470.43EINECS:219-168-3Mol File:2379-79-5.mol

PreparationVat Red 10 1-Nitro-2-anthraquinonecarbonyl chloride and 2-Amino-3-hydroxyanthracene-9,10-dione?condensation, and then closed loop into thiazole, again will nitro reduction.

Properties and ApplicationsVat Red 10 Blue-ray red is deep red powder. Vat Red 10 can insoluble in water. The strong sulfuric acid for light yellow, diluted in red. Alkaline reduction for dark brown color body hidden; Acid reduction for red light brown color body hidden. Hard to sensitive. Used for the cotton fabric dyeing as blue-ray red, to cotton has certain affinity, levelness is very excellent. Can also be used for direct printing of cotton fabric, the dye printing. Can also be used for viscose and stick/cotton blended fabric dyeing. The product of the pigment to C.I.Pigment Red 196.
StandardIroning FastnessChlorine bleachLight FastnessMercerizedOxygen bleachSoaping

Raw materials1-Nitro-2-anthraquinonecarbonyl chloride-->2-AMINO-3-HYDROXYANTHRAQUINONE

Preparation Productstetrasodium 2-[1-amino-9,10-bis(sulphonatooxy)-2-anthryl]anthra[2,3-d]oxazole-5,10-diyl bis(sulphate)

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1.What certificates do you have?


2.Could you indicate please approximatively your yearly capacity in terms of volume of production ?

We have two big factories in China,so you won't worry about our capacity.For only Disperse Dyes,our yearly capacity can reach 35000 tons.

3.How about your delivery time?

Generally speaking,after receiving the payment,we can prepared those cargoes within 3 days and then we can ship out these cargoes within 10 days.

It will base on the shipping company.And it will takes one month for sea transport to destination port.Different countries have different shipping time, which is determined by the shipping company.

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